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ICMFF14 International Conference on Multiaxial Fatigue & Fracture



The objective of this conference is to share the latest international research developments in the field of multiaxial fatigue and fracture. Though commonly encountered in applications, multiaxial stress states are typically studied in the laboratory only in a limited way. Persistent limitations in understanding of mechanisms and design methodologies for multiaxial fatigue continue to place this subject on the forefront of research, spanning experiments, modeling and simulation, applications, and design.

M. Vormwald, A. Esderts, S. Vantadori
Chairpersons of ICMFF14 International Conference

Abstract topics include, but are not limited to, studies involving:

• Cyclic deformation under multiaxial loading, including load history effects
• Fatigue crack formation and early growth processes, mechanisms, and models
• Mixed-mode fatigue crack growth, including small fatigue cracks
• Advances in understanding of multiaxial fatigue offered by in situ experimental methods, microstructure-sensitive computational simulations, and/or data science
• Multiaxial fatigue design issues including notches, variable amplitude loading, contact and fretting, residual stress effects, and case studies
• Environmental effects including multiaxial thermal fatigue and coupling with creep phenomena
• Feasabilities and limitations of artificial intelligence for the assessment of multiaxial fatigue
• Multiaxial aspects of damage mechanics
• Phase Field approaches


For more information, please visit icmff14.de